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Align Yoga

Beginner Yoga & Community Yoga
This is an ongoing class for beginners and continuing students with a focus on the fundamentals of yoga including standing, sitting, twisting and supine poses. Basic inverted poses like Setubhanda (bridge) and Sarvangasana (shoulderstand) are introduced.

Align Yoga Level 1 - 2
This transitional class expands on the fundamentals including a deeper exploration of the standing poses and Sarvangasana. Backward bending and Sirsasana (headstand) are introduced.

Align Yoga Level 2
This class for continuing students includes more challenging forward bends, unsupported backbends, inversions and jumpings. The inversions are stabilized and refined. Sarvangasana variations and pranayama are introduced.

Align Yoga Level 2 - 3
This is a more challenging class for students with a minimum of 6 months experience in the Iyengar yoga method. Students should be practicing the standing poses, Sirsasana and Sarvangasana. The level 1 and 2 poses are consolidated and intermediate poses and pranayamas are introduced.

Align Yoga Level 3
This class is for students with a maturity in postures through level 2. Student should be holding 5 minute Sirsasana, be able to get up into Urdhva Dhanurasana and Adho Mukha Vrksasana independently and be developing a self-directed practice. (Permission of the teacher required.) 

Iyengar Yoga

Classes are in the style of B.K.S. Iyengar, emphasizing alignment and awareness and are appropriate for all levels.

Flow Yoga

Gentle Flow Yoga
Slower paced flow practice that moves dynamically with the breath. Focusing on self-care and nurturing the physical body, this class uses props to move safely into poses at a slower and mindful pace. Perfect for a beginner looking to dip their toes into yoga or an experienced yogi looking to slow things down.

Flow Yoga
A vinyasa-based class focused on linking breath in a continuous flow of movement.  This class builds heat and cultivates focus, stamina, endurance, strength and flexibility.

Aligned Flow Yoga
This class challenges the physical body and the mind through a precise, mindful and dynamic flow of yoga postures. Detailed alignment helps students delve deeper into their practice.

Gentle Yoga / Somatic Yoga

A gentle form of exercise designed to assist you in releasing patterns of pain in the body. Somatic Yoga has been strongly influenced by the Feldenkrais Method, which is used to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement. 

Somatic Yoga helps bring about easier movement which translates to greater comfort in performing everyday activities at work, home, and in your yoga practice. 

Restorative Yoga

A class focusing on the practice of poses that help to deeply relax the body, relieve stress and bring a sense of calm and well being. This class incorporates the use of props to create support for the body to open. Poses are held for extended time.

Yin Yoga

A powerful practice which targets tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Each yoga posture is held to encourage a slow and safe opening of connective tissue, leaving the practitioner with an overall feeling of lightness and peace. Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote to stress and a great compliment to other activities like running, weight lifting, and more intense yoga practice.


A practical class that will include some of the basic techniques of both seated and reclining pranayama (yogic breathing techniques). 6 months of yoga experience required.

(Please note you may not arrive tardy for this class.)

Men’s Yoga Class

Our men's yoga class is taught by John Manacmul and is designed to support men who are looking to improve their health, fitness and sports performance.

This class will ease men into cultivating a yoga practice and help them become stronger, more agile and focused .

Whether you are a serious athlete, recovering from an injury, a new or more experienced yoga practitioner, men's yoga will build physical and mental strength, stamina, balance and flexibility.

First Men's Class FREE

Prenatal Yoga & Mommy & me

Meet your community of new moms and free your breath, stretch and strengthen, align and enjoy, no former yoga experience necessary, continuing and intermediate yoga students welcome to slow down and prepare!

Suitable for women 12 weeks and up all the way until baby is crawling too fast for mom to relax.

Ask your doctor if all is well and we will meet you and your unborn baby soon! Come join prenatal and postnatal yoga expert Arati Lane on Fridays 10:30am - 11:30am

First Prenatal Class FREE!

Kids Yoga - Teen Yoga

Description coming soon.

Intro to yoga Series

4 week introduction to the basic asanas(poses) including standing, sitting and restorative poses. These poses will build up strength and stamina, improve muscular tone, flexibility and alignment. the instructor will also introduce some basic yoga terms and help guide you with any questions that may come up about yoga or the studio's classes.

No experience is necessary. Class size limited to 10 students.

Class meets 4 consecutive weeks

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