Denise Kirkpatrick


Please join Denise Kirkpatrick in her favorite space: teaching, encouraging, inspiring, and transforming. Denise brings over 18 years of teaching holistic yoga. Her yoga practice has taken her to India, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Germany and Greece. She has taught workshops in the United States and South America. Her teacher training includes White Lotus, Erich Schiffman, David Swenson, Yoga Works with Matty Ezraty and Lisa Walford, Gurmuk, Megan Bello and Carolyn Belko.

She has stayed with the Aboriginals in Australia in their sacred land, ministered to the children of Kenya with HIV, taught and played with the youth of both North and South Korea, walked the streets of Damascus and been in the house of Ananius. She has studied Kabbalah, more than 20 hours of TaiChi-Qigong, Silot, and Tai Chi. She brings a blend of all these modalities to her teaching.

In 2013 Denise completed Megan Bello’s Year long Teacher Training at OC Yoga Studio. The course is fashioned after Iyengar Yoga.

In December 2014, Denise traveled to India and participated in Geeta Iyengar’s “10 Day Intensive in Pune.”, where Geeta shared her 70 years of yoga wisdom that her father B.K.S. Iyengar imparted to her throughout his life. There were over 1,200 participants representing 57 countries at this birthday celebration. Yoga & pranayama were practiced every day.

Each year Denise continues her personal Yoga education by participating in workshops with other Senior Iyengar Teachers such as H.S. Arun, Neeta Datta and Birjoo Mehta.
To deepen her own practice, Denise has built her own Yoga Kurunta (rope wall) in her home studio. She has enhanced her “yoga rope” knowledge by studying with her accomplished Iyengar teacher, Lori McIntosh, whom she met in India.

Currently Denise is in her second year of the Iyengar Teacher Training Program with Carolyn Belko at the Iyengar Yoga Center, Encinitas.